‘Killers’ invade: Indonesian-Japanese co-produced film added to Japan CUTS 2014 lineup

Already diverse and eclectic, the 2014 Japan CUTS film festival in New York City (which begins July 10th through the 20th) has recently added the psychological-thriller Killers to its lineup.

Co-produced by Japanese film studio Nikkatsu and the Indonesian Guerilla Merah-Films, Killers follows the exploits of a Japanese serial killer named Nomura (played by Kazuki Kitamura) who uploads footage of his tortures and murders onto the internet. Nomura’s snuff films fascinate an Indonesian journalist named Bayu (played by Oka Antara), who in turn begins to kill and upload his murderous acts onto the internet as well. Nomura soon becomes aware of Bayu’s work, leading to a dark and twisted confrontation between both men.

The addition of Killers to Japan CUTS 2014 is certainly an exciting one. Produced by the makers of The Raid and Sion Sono’s Cold Fish, The Mo Brothers’ directed Killers will perhaps have the distinction of being the most violent and depraved film to be showcased at this year’s festival.

It’s worth noting Killers will be one of three films starring Kazuki Kitamura that will be screened during the festival’s Saturday, July 19th billing. The other two films being Neko Samurai and Man From Reno.

For those Lost in the Miso fans who are interested in knowing more about Killers, check out the film’s trailer below:


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