New music reviews: Radkey and Chvrches

Radkey, the young brotherly trio who hail from Missouri, make no attempts at hiding their influences on their debut album Dark Black Makeup. Smooth, sexy, soulful punk rock, these guys do an admirable job matching the sonic fury of the bands they attempt to emulate – Glenn Danzig-era The Misfits, Black Flag and Bad Brains. At the very least these guys have great taste.

With a sound almost as interesting as their backstory – they dropped out of school after only one year, were home schooled by their mother and chose their father to manage their careers – Radkey’s music sounds as if it is informed only by 80s’ punk, comic books, and slasher flicks.

While horribly derivative at times – seriously, what the hell is with that opening to the track “Le Song” which they totally crib from the intro to My Chemical Romance’s “Na Na Na” – Dark Black Makeup is a debut that demands your attention. Musicians this young and who possess such raw talent can only look forward to greatness.

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