‘Snotgirl, Vol. 1: Green Hair Don’t Care’ Review

Bizarrely humorous and gorgeously illustrated, Snotgirl is a poppy and fluorescent-colored commentary on the difficulty of living up to the social media identities we create for ourselves.

Co-created by Scott Pilgrim creator Brian Lee O’Malley and artist Leslie Hung, Snotgirl follows trend-setting fashion blogger Lottie Person. Tall, gorgeous, green-haired and on the cutting-edge of cosmetics and clothing, Lottie wants you and all her fans to know she’s living the most fabulous life ever. 

Except she’s not.

Underneath the shimmering and bubbly facade of her carefully curated digital existence, Lottie’s real life is rife with disappointments. She hasn’t gotten over her ex, who is now dating a younger but totally plain jane girl. Her social circle are of little help as they are as equally vacuous as she is. Worst of all, Lottie’s allergies have gone from bad to worse, leaving her a runny-eyed and mucousy mess.

Struggling to maintain her glamorous social media persona while her personal life begins to crumble, things become more complicated when Lottie reacts badly to a new antihistamine which may have caused her to murder a new – and just as chic – acquaintance.

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