‘Colossal’ Trailer: Anne Hathaway destroys a city with quirky kaiju charm

Photo courtesy of TIFF

Have you ever wondered what an indie comedy starring Anne Hathaway would be like if it co-starred a giant city-wrecking kaiju?


Well, director/screenwriter Nacho Vigalondo did, so he created the film Colossal.

Vigalondo’s latest work follows the exploits of 30-something-year-old Gloria (played by the aforementioned Hathaway) as she tries to rebuild her life after finding herself out of a boyfriend and home due to her hard-partying ways. Gloria’s attempt at a new start finds her returning to her hometown where she reconnects with her childhood friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis).

While that may sound like the premise to countless run-of-the-mill indie comedies, that’s where the similarities stop.

You see, there is also the issue of the massive kaiju monster who has just destroyed much of Seoul, South Korea during a late-night rampage.

As the latest trailer to Colossal shows, Gloria and the gruesome giant are somehow connected.

Check the trailer after the break.

While previous trailers for Colossal had already revealed the Gloria/kaiju connection, what this latest look at Vigalondo’s film reveals is a deeper backstory to Gloria and how she’s ended up palling around with bar-owner Oscar. The playful (and possibly flirtatious) dynamic between Gloria and Oscar is just as compelling as the mystery behind why the kaiju acts as an avatar to Gloria.

This is good news, as a realistic relationship between Gloria and Oscar will go a long way in, hopefully, grounding the otherwise bonkers plot of Colossal.

Oh, and about that plot? The always fantastic film reviewer Germain Lussier wrote a review over at Gizmodo where he revealed there is a lot more going on in Colossal than this trailer suggests.

If you’re interested in what could possibly be some big, big fun, check out Colossal yourself when it’s released in the U.S. on April 7.

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